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Pregnancy Support for Mommies in Northern Colorado

Since being here in Colorado, I have met some amazing mommies who are business owners as well.  The cool thing about ‘business mommies” is that their hearts and lives are generally right where pregnant gals need them to be, right in the middle of mommy-hood! A lot of the time,  this way, they feel like we can actually relate, like, NOW!  One of the most amazing mommies I have met is Heather, the owner of Baby & Me Specialty Store in Fort Collins  She has such drive and we share a passion that is now coming into play.  A support group for pregnant mommies!  A safe, fun, educational meet-up  to enjoy and build relationships and literally “grow” together.  Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Doulas: what they are and how they can benefit your birth
Midwives VS OB
Preschools and Q’s to ask when looking
Chiropractors: the benefits of the during pregnancy
Acupuncture: the benefits of during pregnancy
Breastfeeding AND bottle feeding help and information

Definitely join it if any of the above appeals to you.  Check when at this great is going on here!  Oh, and did I mention there will be FOOD!!  Hope to see you there!

Althea-Doula/Student Midwife/Mommy of 4

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