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Seed to Sprout event in Fort Collins Colorado!

If you are interested in becoming pregnant, are pregnant, nursing your baby or have children (or grandchildren!) this event is for you!  There will be a ton of raffle prizes and great speakers doulas, midwives and more!  Please join us for this terrific event put on my the Family Journey.  More info is below.

  • 1:00pm until 4:00pm

  • Club Tico 1599 City Park Drive Fort Collins
    The Seed to Sprout fair is a gathering of people who work to protect and nurture the bond between a baby and her parents. These individuals provide care, products, and information that assists parents in meeting their family’s needs from preconception through baby’s first year. Finding resources when planning for the arrival of a baby or caring for an infant can be a challenge. At the Seed to Sprout fair, you can talk to like-minded parents, care providers, and business owners and find support and information…on that suits your family. The fair is also an excellent place to network if you are a professional who works with families.
    We are pleased to share that we have scheduled a fantastic guest speaker, Karen Strange, who will offer a brief lecture called Birth: What’s Important to Know Regardless of Where or How You Birth.  Her presentation (at 2:30) will include information on delayed cord clamping, the baby’s journey in the birth process, and Simple Tools for healing and communicating with babies. Learning from Karen is truly a pleasure because her knowledge and passion for babies during the perinatal period is profound.
    Visit for more information!

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